1. What is The

The when we first started our business, we knew that by having the expertise, knowledge and passion for developing new features and the knowledge of The #1 CPA Network in the world.

The affiliate marketing programs was founded on a difference: To give smart, successful publishers the respect they deserve and the one-on-one service they need to become even more successful.

2. What type of Traffic Allowed?

Paying people to register for affiliate marketing programs, asking your friends & family to join for the Sales & marketing of making money via CPA, CPL, CPS, Revenue Share and Mix CPL + CPA program, Incentivised Traffic is not allowed.

3. How can I get paid on a Weekly basis?

You will qualify for weekly payments after a month of running traffic. This gives us time to anaylze your traffic and also establish a good relationship with you the affiliate. and we require you make over $1,000.00 per week to opt-in for Weekly payments.

4. What payment options are available?

We pay via Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer, Wire transfer, BTC. Payment settings threshold your payment method can be switched to PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Wire Transfer or BTC.

5. How do I add keyword tracking to my linking code?

Add “&subid=KEYWORD” to the end of your linking code. Or allow multiple conversions keywords would look like this: “KEYWORD&subid2=TWO&subid3=THREE&subid4=FOUR”

6. I forgot my username/password, what do I do?

You can retrieve your password here You can also change your password user by contacting your Account Manager or email [email protected] Be sure to include your e-mail address used to create your account and/or your Username.

7. Can I send traffic from more than one site with 2 users ID?

You can send traffic from as many sites as you wish with 2 users ID. Please make sure to provide us with the urls that you will be sending traffic from.

8. How can I refer other webmasters and make money?

These are your referral links. Send a link to your friends and you will earn the 5% of their revenues forever! The link to refer other webmaters is: Registration page link

9. Who should I contact if I have payment questions, problems, or need help?

Contact your Account Manager. Your Account Manager is happy to help you make the most money possible with You can see contact information by logging into your account or email [email protected]

10. What are the official Terms and Conditions?

11. What are the reasons why reject my Application?

You provided false or inaccurate information (Email, First name, Last name, Company, Skype, phone number etc.) on your application. We request references and also utilize our proprietary technology to cross reference all information that is provided Please make sure you provide full contact information (phone, email, Skype or IP address used to sign up does not match your country location), only truthful, complete and accurate information that represents yourself, your industry experience and your intended promotional methods.

12. What kind of pixel is supported? does not accept image pixels. Global Postback URL only.

13. Can I get paid for clicks and/or impressions?

No. TrafficCashmine is a performance-based network, only paying for qualified acquisitions (CPA, CPL, CPS, Revenue Share and Mix CPL + CPA) generated as a result of promotion. Therefore, we do not pay affiliates for clicks and/or impressions.

14. What is the Minimum payment?

Minimum payment is, Paypal Payment Amount: 100.00$, Paxum Payment Amount: 100.00$, Payoneer Payment Amount: 100.00$, Wire Payments threshold $300.00, and BTC Payment Amount: 50.00$. Please Note: Wire transfer carry a fee of $35.00. Be sure to review the cost of fees for the method you have chosen.

15. Is there a payment hold for new affiliates?

Yes, there is a 2 week payment hold for all new affiliates.

16. How do I see reports on my earnings?

You can access your account at anytime, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, using the username and password that you selected when signing up for your account. The reporting is all web based, and user-friendly for your conveinence. When logged in to you account just click on the REPORTS link.

17. Do you offer PayPal Payout?

Yes, but approved PayPal only supported is available in more than 200 countries and support 25 currencies. Send and receive payments easily over borders and language barriers. for complete list of Countries.

18. Do you offer Paxum Payouts?

19. Do you offer Payoneer Payouts?

Yes, cross-border payments are Payoneer’s specialty. You can send funds with Payoneer to more than 200 countries in 150+ currencies.